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Umbrtka – Kovový Háj Review

Since Kovový Háj is the first encounter I’ve had with Umbrtka, I wanted to begin with a bit of investigation through the band’s back catalog. Investigate I did, and to my very pleasant surprise, I

Sorgeldom – Inner Receivings Review

Brilliant music, although all around us, can sometimes be rather elusive. We, as music lovers spend a significant amount of time searching for those special albums, which are not merely enjoyed but also take strong

Eibon La Furies – The Blood Of The Realm Review

Have you ever been on a new roller coaster for the first time and closed your eyes for the entire thing? Me neither, but it sure felt like I did upon listening to Eibon La

Svarti Loghin – Drifting Through The Void Review

Originally written by Jordan Campbell I’ll be the first to admit that I don’t fully understand the roots of the post-rock and neo-folk influences that are slowly creeping their way into black metal. Yeah, it’s

Burzum – Belus Review

originally written by Chris McDonald So there’s a new Burzum album. Wow, where does the time go? I remember when I was a lowly high school sophomore just starting to submerge myself in the depths

Solstafir – Köld Review

Originally written by Jordan Campbell Admittedly, this album is far from a new release. In fact, it was initially released over nine months ago, on a record label that has inexplicably ceased to distribute adequate

A Forest Of Stars – The Corpse Of Rebirth Review

Originally written by Erik Thomas What got my attention for the debut of this English black metal act was not only the quality of some recent British, atmospheric black metal such asWinterfylleth, Altar of Plagues (Ireland I

Yob – The Great Cessation Review

originally written by Jim Brandon So, you like it heavy, huh? Heavy enough to make it hard to breathe, or just smashed into a patty of bone, sinew, and offal? I’d make the strong suggestion