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1349 – Revelations Of The Black Flame Review

Chris McDonald’s take: I’m never one to condemn a band for making radical changes to their style. Throughout my years as a metal fan I have stood behind many bands as they underwent noteworthy sound

Root – Hell Symphony / The Book (Reissues) Review

Originally written by Jordan Campbell Hell Symphony and The Book are two pillars of the vast Root catalog. Originally released in 1991 and 1999, respectively, the albums are as stylistically disparate as they are unique. This makes it a bit

Gnaw – This Face Review

God, what an awesome racket… And I use “awesome” there predominantly in the sense of “impressive” or “astounding” than in the sense of “kick-ass,” although Gnaw certainly kicked my ass, but more in the sense

Fen – The Malediction Years Review

originally written by Chris McDonald It’s becoming increasingly marketable in the metal scene to have that catchy label to apply to your band’s sound for the Internet hordes to lap up. Projects that pay homage

The Axis Of Perdition – Urfe Review

Originally written by Michael Roberts. That The Axis of Perdition have gone down this particular path isn’t all that surprising. After the cyber-black metal blitzkrieg of The Ichneumon Method, this British act has become steadily more abstract, with

Enslaved – Vertebrae Review

originally written by Chris McDonald Most progressive bands eventually reach a point where their fans will become divided for good. That one album where the band in question, who has been hinting at major stylistic

Mar De Grises – Draining The Waterheart Review

Not that there’s much competition in my recent listens, but Chile’s Mar de Grises (“Ocean Of Grief”) is the best prog/doom/post-metal hybrid I’ve heard lately. Seriously. I know that’s simultaneously big words and a laughably

Lurker Of Chalice – Lurker Of Chalice (Reissue) Review

originally written by Chris McDonald I was more relieved than a fat kid who got out of gym class when I found out that Southern Lord was finally re-releasing the lone Lurker Of Chalice album