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Mayhem – Chimera Review

Originally written by Ryan Plunkett Mayhem is a band whose career has spanned 20 years now, although you’d never know it by looking at their discography. With Chimera being only their sixth real studio release,

In The Woods – Heart Of The Ages Review

Apparently I was fortunate enough to see In The Woods at their first, last, and only U.S. appearance at November to Dismember 2000 (the band broke up shortly after). I didn’t know who they were,

Moonsorrow – Suden Uni (Reissue) Review

Originally written by Erik Thomas I generally don’t agree with reissues unless they actually are worth the extra $$ for something you more than likely already own. Fleurety’s recent re-issue is a decent example of

Naglfar – Diabolical (Reissue) Review

Naglfar. I think at some point I had listened to a used CD by this band and put it back without buying it. But I can’t say for sure – there are a shitload of

Melechesh – Sphynx Review

Originally written by Erik Thomas Hindsight is 20/20 of course but after seeing this album on many a year end list I picked it up and when you consider Osmose recently released Bestial Mockery and

Root – Madness Of The Graves Review

Originally written by Ian Dreilinger. There’s quite a fine line between progressing to a more streamlined style of music and simply digressing. The first can be good or bad, the second is just about always

V:28 – NonAnthropogenic Review

Originally written by Erik Thomas It would be easy to say V:28 sound like Enslaved because of Grutle Kjellson’s guest appearance, but the truth of the matter is that V:28 do sound like Enslaved’s latter

Abominator – Nuctemeron Descent Review

Originally written by Erik Thomas Do we really need this? Blackened/Death Metal (which Osmose seem to have a strangle hold on) from down under. This is by no means as bad as Bestial Mockery, cos