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Vreid – I Krig Review

Originally written by Michael Roberts. Following on quickly from last year’s Pitch Black Brigade, Vreid’s latest full-length, I Krig, sees the Norwegian band continuing to refine their unique fusion of black metal and classic rock. On this album Vreid combine

Mortuus – De Contemplanda Morte Review

Originally written by Keith Fox. Mortuus continue The Ajna Offensive’s tradition of releasing quality black metal for the thinking black metal fan.  Like many of the NED bands with similarly intellectual aspirations, Mortuus prove themselves equally capable of expressing their malcontent

Scythian – Suffering To The Conquered Review

Originally written by Erik Thomas. Synopsis: There’s a lot of reason for me to feign liking this five song demo: former Metal Review scribe Alex De Moller is on guitars (who also does session guitars for Mithras),

As Light Dies – A Step Through The Reflection Review

Originally written by Jeremy Garner This album review has been rather painful for me. Not because I’d rather be throwing back a couple of beers, but more or less because we have a thirteen song

Akercocke – Antichrist Review

originally written by Jim Brandon ‘I believe that when I die…I shall rot’. Two fictional styles of fighting form ying and yang: one Fist comes from the North, and uses precise strikes onto vital pressure

Marduk – Dark Endless (Reissue) Review

Originally written by Jordan Campbell First among the Regain Records reissues of the early Marduk recordings, the 1992 full-length debut Dark Endless holds the most surprise for those unfamiliar with the prolific black metallers’ early work. A forewarning: this release is

Marduk – Heaven Shall Burn…When We Are Gathered (Reissue) Review

Originally written by Jordan Campbell Rounding out the quartet of Marduk reissues, Heaven Shall Burn…When We Are Gathered has the band settle into their insanely quick (dis)comfort zone. While they don’t completely jump the shark with this outing, it’s

Marduk – Those Of The Unlight (Reissue) Review

Originally written by Jordan Campbell The reissue of Marduk’s sophomore effort, Those of Unlight, showcases a band in transition. Shedding nearly all of their death metal clothing, the band jumps horns-first into black metal’s second wave, but