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80s Essentials – Volume Eight

Welcome to Volume Eight of The Most Essential Albums of the Eighties. Previous volumes are available here. What’s in store this week? Just another ten examples of the wild diversity of 80s metal: straight-up heavy

90s Essentials – Volume Three

So here we are, back for more with Volume 3 of MetalReview’s 100 Most Essential Albums Of The 1990s. (If you haven’t been keeping up, click here for Vol. 1 and here for Vol. 2.)

Blind Guardian – A Twist In The Myth Review

Originally written by Jon Eardley This band’s journey through the world of power metal territory goes all the way back to the late 80’s, but it wasn’t until the late 90’s when I first caught

Blind Guardian – Imaginations Through the Looking Glass (DVD) Review

Originally written by Gregory Bradley. You European sons of bitches are damned lucky. You get to see Blind Guardian live as often as we are forced to hear about tours from shitty American pop-stars and boy bands.

Blind Guardian – Live Review

Originally written by Gregory Bradley. The simply titled album Live is just that: a live album from one of the legends of power metal, Blind Guardian. It’s interesting to hear what they sound like live, since I haven’t

Blind Guardian – A Night at the Opera Review

Originally written by Ty Brookman With the tremendous amount of success Blind Guardian has endured through Europe and Japan it seems as if they have set their sights on the American market this time round.