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Horrendous – The Chills Review

The Chills is the debut album from American death metal act, Horrendous. While the band’s name might be Horrendous, thankfully, its music is not. Unfortunately there is something else The Chills is not: original. Horrendous

Cryptborn – In The Grasp Of The Starving Dead Review

As the serrated fuzz of the Boss Heavy Metal pedal rips through the speakers in the opening strains of “A Feast for the Grave”, the first track on Cryptborn’s Into the Grasp of the Starving

Death Strike – Fuckin’ Death (Reissue) Review

Though they bear different names and a few different members, Death Strike and Master are largely the same, with the former serving mostly as a brief mid-1980s departure from the latter for Master-mind Paul Speckmann, whose distinctive

Corpsessed – The Dagger And The Chalice Review

Originally written by Jordan Campbell A punny name that’s borderline unpronounceable. Dull, black-and-gray cover art. A Dark Descent logo plastered on the spine. Care to venture a guess as to what we have here? Well, if you’ve

Miasmal – Miasmal Review

I must admit that my heart skipped a beat when I saw Miasmal’s debut in our review queue here at MetalReview. However, my excitement was not due to a positive previous encounter with Miasmal’s music.

Uncanny – MCMXCI-MCMXCIV Review

A few weeks back, I covered the other half of Dark Descent’s recent two-fer of almost-forgotten Swedish death metal discographies, Toxaemia’s Buried To Rise. Not to re-hash my past work (especially since it’s not long

Toxaemia – Buried To Rise Review

Forgotten early Swedish death metal band Toxaemia gets the double-disc deluxe treatment with Buried To Rise, but there’s a bit of a hitch – it’s the same disc twice, albeit in different forms. The first

Beyond Hell – The Sleeper Awakens Review

In the embrace of eternal darkness, beyond life, beyond death, beyond Heaven, Beyond Hell, it is suspended. A spirit?  A soul? A thought. Hate. Hate unwavering, hate unending, hate…for all life! For an eternal second