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Corpsessed – The Dagger And The Chalice Review

Originally written by Jordan Campbell A punny name that’s borderline unpronounceable. Dull, black-and-gray cover art. A Dark Descent logo plastered on the spine. Care to venture a guess as to what we have here? Well, if you’ve

Miasmal – Miasmal Review

I must admit that my heart skipped a beat when I saw Miasmal’s debut in our review queue here at MetalReview. However, my excitement was not due to a positive previous encounter with Miasmal’s music.

Uncanny – MCMXCI-MCMXCIV Review

A few weeks back, I covered the other half of Dark Descent’s recent two-fer of almost-forgotten Swedish death metal discographies, Toxaemia’s Buried To Rise. Not to re-hash my past work (especially since it’s not long

Toxaemia – Buried To Rise Review

Forgotten early Swedish death metal band Toxaemia gets the double-disc deluxe treatment with Buried To Rise, but there’s a bit of a hitch – it’s the same disc twice, albeit in different forms. The first

Beyond Hell – The Sleeper Awakens Review

In the embrace of eternal darkness, beyond life, beyond death, beyond Heaven, Beyond Hell, it is suspended. A spirit?  A soul? A thought. Hate. Hate unwavering, hate unending, hate…for all life! For an eternal second