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I AM VALBORG – Q&A With the Versatile Mr. Toyka

Valborg is not your typical metal band. I know that in these times, it’s getting harder to define what a typical metal band would be, but we’ve still got some distinctions that make bands metal: •

Aborted – The Necrotic Manifesto Review

Originally written by Jordan Campbell This is an album about nothing. Wait…how can that be? This is The Necrotic Manifesto, after all. Setting aside the book of Death Metal English for a moment, let’s pick

Still Rotten to the Gore – Gorguts, Carcass, and Heavy Metal Commerce

Originally written by Jordan Campbell The 2014 Decibel Magazine tour concluded in Maryland last Sunday. It was a big deal. We should probably say something about it. Here’s the thing, though. Concert reviews typically shove

At The Gates Announces New Album – Are We At War With Reality?

Yesterday, At The Gates announced that they will release a new album later this year. Entitled At War With Reality and due via Century Media, the band’s first release since 1995’s seminal Slaughter of the Soul

Casket Vs. Sewercide – Unholy Deathrashing Anarchy

Originally written by Jordan Campbell Unholy Anarchy Records is putting together a gnarly little roster. The upstart vinyl-chuckers made minor waves by releasing the excellent Ashencult / Mephorash split  back in September, as well as

Wormed – Exodromos Review

Originally written by Jordan Campbell Death metal….IN SPAAAAAAAAAAACE! Yes, it’s been something of an oddball infatuation over the past few years, but it makes sense. Death metal is nerd music for nerd people, and not

Aeon – Aeons Black Review

Originally written by Jordan Campbell Aeon‘s career trajectory is something of an extended plateau. Their debut, Bleeding the False, shot them to notoriety, and not just due to the juvenile blasphemy of “God Gives Head

Undercroft – Ruins of Gomorrah Review

Originally written by Jordan Campbell It’s odd that there aren’t more Sepultura clones out there. (And when I’m talking Sepultura, I’m talking about the band that broke up circa 1997. I know Andreas Kisser’s cabaret