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Blood Cult – We Are The Cult Of The Plains Review

Man, I am a total sucker for bands that really mix it up. Dog Fashion Disco, Estradasphere, Waltari and, of course, Faith No More, are but a few of my favorite heavier eclectic bands, but

Hiems – Worship Or Die Review

originally written by Chris McDonald Most black metal outside of the folk-oriented realm tends to fall into three camps. You have the unholy raw stuff, the floaty atmospheric stuff, and the grizzly rockin’ stuff. There’s

Canis Dirus – A Somber Wind From A Distant Shore Review

originally written by Jim Brandon I think there’s something to be said for provocative music that gives off two distinctly differing and repelling vibes. Perhaps there’s a recognizable amount of successful artistic intent in the

Archgoat – The Light-Devouring Darkness Review

The Light-Devouring Darkness is thirty minutes of pure fucking ugly. Archgoat has no use for melody, no time for harmony and no tolerance for catchiness. Lord Angelslayer’s vocals are so gutturally deep as to be

Dodsferd – Suicide And The Rest Of Your Kind Will Follow Review

Originally written by Ross Main. Even lightly seasoned Metal Review followers will be familiar with Wrath; the one man Greek black metal machine, and his hate-screaming, corpse-painted, middle finger project known as Dodsferd. It’s also common knowledge that

Horde Of Hel – Blodskam Review

Originally written by Jordan Campbell Allegedly a “mysterious, clandestine collective of Swedish black/death metal scene legends,” the foursome that comprise Horde of Hel have chosen to cloak themselves in anonymity. While the mildly astute could deduce a

Old Wainds – Death Nord Kult Review

Today’s bands are doing a lot more than simply challenging the boundaries of black metal, they’re tormenting and beating the living hell out of it. Psychedelics, dulcimers, tin whistles, ambiance, mouth harps, didgeridoo’s and even

Ruins – Cauldron Review

Originally written by Michael Roberts. If you’ve never acquainted yourself with this Australian black metal twosome before, Cauldron is the ideal introduction. Ruins is guitarist/vocalist Alex Pope and jack-of-all-trades drummer David Haley (The Amenta, Psycroptic), and this, their second long-player