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Satan’s Host – By The Hands Of The Devil Review

You like power metal, right? Who doesn’t, after all, occasionally yearn for keyboards and wenches, widdly guitars and dragons, quintuple-tracked fake choirs and hymns in praise of the righteousness of the almighty George, Thunder-Unicorn Savior

Haeresiarchs Of Dis – In Obsecration Of The Seven Darks Review

originally written by Chris McDonald After such a massive, sprawling outing as last year’s Denunciatas Cinis, Haeresiarchs of Dis is taking a decidedly more compact approach with this follow-up effort. In Obsecration of the Seven

Dodsferd – Spitting With Hatred The Insignificance Of Life Review

originally written by Chris McDonald Personality is not necessarily one of the typical selling points of quality black metal, as generally the style’s aesthetic is at least partly based around anonymity and an inhuman tone

Necronoclast – Ashes Review

Recently in the metal world, there have been many discussions about musical atmosphere and its place in any given album. Although many see this as merely a matter of personal preference, there are some interesting

Sargeist – Let The Devil In Review

originally written by Chris McDonald Beginning its existence as a fairly ho-hum side project of Horna guitarist Shatraug, Sargeist has gradually evolved over the years into a fully fledged black metal band, and the results

Haeresiarchs Of Dis – Denuntiatus Cinis Review

originally written by Jim Brandon October is slowly reaching its end. The moon is full tonight, with a lone star shining brightly in the dark blue sky as the strains of Haeresiarchs Of Dis pierce

Hacavitz – Metztli Obscura Review

originally written by Jim Brandon One of the toughest battles I’ve faced as a reviewer isn’t just the obvious writer’s block, or even burnout; it’s cynicism. I make it a point to give any band

Godless Rising – Trumpet Of Triumph Review

originally written by Jim Brandon Taking the over-the-top necro cover art into consideration, it’s easy to peg this for a mindlessly kvlt exercise in pointless sacrilege, but surprisingly Godless Rising is quite the mighty wielder