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My Dying Bride – Evinta Review

Let me paint you a picture: A chill autumn wind rustles leaves like dry bones as it creeps across the fog-enshrouded fields of verdant Mother England. There is a small house at the top of

My Dying Bride – For Lies I Sire Review

Originally written by Erik Thomas There are only a few bands that are truly iconic in metal — Sabbath, Morbid Angel, Slayer, Metallica, etc. Within the sub-genre of doom metal, England’s My Dying Bride are

My Dying Bride – A Line of Deathless Kings Review

Originally written by Tim Pigeon It’s always a pleasure and a challenge to review a band with as lengthy a catalogue and as wide a following as My Dying Bride. Fortunately, I own a few of

My Dying Bride – Songs Of Darkness, Words Of Light Review

Originally written by Ian Dreilinger. It must be the cold, there’s not really any other explanation for the amount of attention I’ve paid to the new My Dying Bride record. Walking at night with headphones on is