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Ufomammut – 8 Review

So I’m sitting at this bar in Chicago, looking over a curiously adventurous beer list, as I compliment the bartender’s choice in doom metal as he organizes suspended bullet belts laced with nothing but adorable

Disavowed – Stagnated Existence Review

Originally written by Jeremy Garner Not that I expect anyone out there to keep up with my listening habits, but for the past few months I’ve been basking primarily in black metal, and while black

Ulcerate – Of Fracture And Failure Review

Originally written by Jason Jordan. Anno 2006 was an excellent year for technical death metal, and with all the buzz surrounding Psycroptic’s Symbols of Failure and Spawn of Possession’s Noctambulant, it’s a pity that fellow Neurotic signing Ulcerate have gone largely unnoticed. The New Zealanders

Panzerchrist – Battalion Beast Review

Originally written by Erik Thomas. Synopsis: Because sometimes I need a break from Christian metalcore….Panzerchrist is the prefect remedy… Review: Bludgeoning, brutal, blistering and blackened, Battalion Beast, the fifth album from one of Denmark’s more consistent and

Prostitute Disfigurement – Left In Grisly Fashion Review

Originally written by Ian Duncan-Brown. Ah, Prostitute Disfigurement. When one hears a band name like that, one might think, “I bet their merchandise doesn’t sell too well,” or “I bet they suck and all they have