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Best Of 2018 – Chris Sessions: Are You Slimy Enough For 2018?

ON THE YEAR Last year at this time I was angry. Constant anger starts to numb the spirit. You feel tired rather than restless. So you stop paying attention, focus back in on the minute

Obscura – Akroasis Review

Listening to Obscura is a little bit like standing in front of a smooth, rotating metal sculpture glinting in the sunlight. It looks different from every angle and feels impressive, but it remains slippery and

Obscura – Omnivium Review

Originally written by Erik Thomas You’ve got to love the state of tech-death metal right now. You’ve got titans like Decrepit Birth, Gorod and Obscura pushing each other and outdoing each other with each release,

Obscura – Cosmogenesis Review

Originally written by Jordan Campbell Quite honestly, it’s tough to swallow another helping of technical death metal at this point. Everything from the band name (come on, guys), the computer-generated cover art, and the maddingly