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Opeth – The Roundhouse Tapes Review

Opeth make it hard on the elitists, cynics and complainers with their first live album, the two-disc The Roundhouse Tapes. As Opeth’s commercial appeal has grown, so has the disenchanted segment of the underground that resents the band’s

Opeth – Ghost Reveries Review

Jason Jordan’s take: Unless you’ve never even heard of the Internet, you know what’s going on within the Opeth camp. They’re signed to Roadrunner Records, their latest offering is titled Ghost Reveries, and it leaked about a month

Opeth – Damnation Review

Originally written by Ty Brookman Opeth return with the second installment of the Nacksving/Fredman recordings. Of the two, Damnation was the album that had my interest peaked and expectations basically off the scale. Yeah, Deliverance

Opeth – Deliverance Review

Ty Brookman’s take: Ah Opeth, a band that truly walks on the water of all that signifies pure metal. This particular statement may be a bit extreme but you can’t argue that Opeth is highly