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Last Rites’ Best Of 2016 – Combined Staff

Every year we get hundreds of thousands of letters from all over the world asking how we manage to compile our annual Last Rites Combined Staff Top 25 List. It’s no easy task, we’ll have

Opeth – Sorceress Review

When dealing with dynamic and complex systems, it is a nearly inevitable conclusion that the only real constant we can universally count on is the aspect of change. Despite the empirical knowledge that anomalies exist,

Zach Duvall’s Best of 2014: Santorinian Poetry

If you follow along with a lot of the heavy metal blogosphere closely, you might get the impression that 2014 was a down year for heavy music. I absolutely, positively refuse to accept that notion.

Opeth – Pale Communion Review

originally written by Craig Hayes I know you’re busy, so I won’t waste your time. If the lack of heavy ordnance on Opeth’s last album, Heritage, left you feeling disenchanted or even dismayed with the

90s Essentials – Volume Nine

This is almost the end, my friends. Almost the end. We’ve come through eight installments of Last Rites’ 100 Most Essential Albums Of The Nineties, through eighty records, and here we are with ten more: A

Opeth – Heritage Review

Originally written by Rae Amitay It baffles me that purist types beg for vinyl this and analog that, but when a reputable and well-loved band releases a throwback album, many of those aforementioned people pitch

00s Essentials – Volume Eight

Innovators, revivalists, stalwarts. Volume 8 of The 100 Most Essential Albums of the Decade contains several bands that fit at least one of those descriptions. Varying from the unabashedly artistic to the totally fucking metal, some

Opeth – Watershed Review

Dave Pirtle’s take: As one of only two remaining staffers from the historic Ghost Reveries review, I felt somewhat obligated to offer my two cents on Watershed. I even went back and reread my review of