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A Secret Revealed – The Bleakness Review

Originally written by K. Scott Ross. Heavy metal vocals are an odd beast, particularly when it comes to dirty vocal styles. A singer needs to balance between having aggression and comprehensibility, particularly if they actually

Vattnet Viskar – Settler Review

If metalheads were a fair bunch, they’d pick on the identical wardrobes of every “war metal” band as much as they focus on the looks of bands like New Hampshire’s Vattnet Viskar. Because really, the fashions

Alda – Passage Review

Congratulations, of a sort, are in order for Washington State’s Alda. Whereas nearly all of their peers in the loamy, atmospheric black metal game focus on using delicate intros and gradually rising tension to explode

Pyramids – A Northern Meadow Review

On Pyramids‘s self-titled debut album from 2008, the Texas-based band sounded like a photo-negative version of Blut Aus Nord‘s mind-bending MoRT album, all blown-out brightness and brittle dream-pop shards colored ominously by black metal echoes.

Ghost Bath – Moonlover

Apparently hailing from some forgotten dimension of China called “North Dakota,” Ghost Bath is a band that’s been receiving a lot of positive press lately for their interpretation of a style of depressive black metal

Sólstafir – Ótta Review

“We must use time as a tool, not a couch.” – John “What the” F. Kennedy The above quote is relevant to Ótta for a couple reasons. First, as some of you are likely already


Lantlôs – Melting Sun Review

Originally written by Jordan Campbell Lantlôs will always be tied to Alcest. Neige provided vocals for the project’s most prominent releases (to date), so comparisons are unavoidable. But while Alcest’s praises were humming on the lips

Hold Your Tongues – Pelican vs. Russian Circles

Originally written by Dean Brown. Since primitive man made a rhythmic racket by slapping a stick off a rock-face, instrumental music has always been an important part of our culture throughout the ages. Nowadays we