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Moon Coven – Amanita Kingdom Review

originally written by Erik Highter Psychedelic stoner rock. Its strictures are a blessing and a curse. Before dropping the needle or pressing play, you know the beats per minute isn’t breaking 70 or so, there’s

Luder – Adelphophagia Review

originally written by Erik Highter There is an art to a music press release. Certain information must be conveyed; a brief bio, record label and release date, any possible tours, lead singles, etc. But after

Domovoyd – Oh, Sensibility Review

Originally written by Ian Chainey Domovoyd‘s debut long-player, Oh, Sensibility, is psych-minded astro-metal charged by interstellar gamma rays. Oh, sorta like Ufommamut? The doomonauts slather these songs with jams, vibrating the soul with effects-heavy amp

Oranssi Pazuzu – Valonielu Review

One of the signs of a truly intriguing band – and that’s intriguing – is the ability for a new album to both provide new perspectives on their previous releases and to retroactively enhance those

Eight Bells – The Captain’s Daughter Review

My guess is that we’re about three years away from doctors revealing the truth that over-exposure to Tetrabromobisphenol-A in our computers significantly adds to intensified OCD behaviors in the greater human population. More and more

A Forest Of Stars – A Shadowplay For Yesterdays Review

Originally written by Matt Longo I’ve never enjoyed strip joints. Sometimes I wonder how and why I’m wired this way, but it seems there’s some shit that people are expected to love, things I reflexively

Horseback – On The Eclipse Review

Originally written by Ian Chainey We live in an era of musical MadLibs, a wide open arena for any band to bring together [adjective] [genre] with [adjective] [genre]. So, it’s a bit surprising the naturally

Arcana Coelestia – Ubi Secreta Colunt Review

Alchemy, mysticism, paranoia, neuroticism, and human suffering: all choice elements found within the scrawlings of a book entitled Inferno – courtesy of Sweden’s premiere author/playwright/chemist/chemical dabbler of yore, Johan August Strindberg – and also the