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Squalus – “Flesh, Bone, And Rubber” Premiere and The Great Fish… Review

There’s a reason we don’t have an ape, tiger, snake or buzzard week: despite a deep admiration for a large portion of Earth’s animals that are lucky enough to avoid our grocery stores, the greater

Giant Squid – Minoans Review

The sea has long been a rich source of cultural, historical, and artistic inspiration. One of the earliest – and most potent – myths is the flood recounted in the Epic of Gilgamesh, which was

Struck By Lightning – True Predation Review

Originally written by Ian Chainey Gregory Lahm’s growl sounds about right. It’s a rich rumble, like a pick-up driven over gravel or a boiler kicked on by the cold. It’s a vocal fold violator, the

Giant Squid – Cenotes Review

There are difficult bands to put into words, and then there is Giant Squid. Quite frankly, none of the descriptive qualities of this band adequately paints the picture of what they bring to the table.

American Heritage – Sedentary Review

American Heritage sounds, for better or worse, like a punch in the face. So, if you’ve been flailing about happier than an old-school thrasher upon discovering a time machine to 1986 over this resurgence of

Total Fucking Destruction – Hater Review

originally written by Chris McDonald Some bands take a little while to reveal their charm. In the case of Total Fucking Destruction, the long-running side project of Brutal Truth drummer Rich Hoak, I found their

Serpent Throne – White Summer • Black Winter Review

Most of the time spent daydreaming, drifting and listening to heavy metal in my room as a youth found me in the illusionary role of a dynamic frontman, like Ronnie James Dio, Bruce Dickinson and

East Of The Wall – Ressentiment Review

East of the Wall is an extraordinarily talented powerhouse that packs the shrewdness of metalcore and the radiant elements of post-rock deep into their music. Ressentiment contains excellent production and a wide variety of musical