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Hemotoxin – Biological Enslavement Review

The second thrash explosion of the last decade or so has been interesting to me who lived through the original. Back then I was initially drawn in by songs, such as Accept’s “Fast as a Shark”


Nucleus – Sentient Review

If you’ve been fortunate enough to visit the Natural History Museum in New York City, you may have seen their wall chart showing the history of evolution. From dinosaurs all the way up, it is

4 Doors To Death Review

4 Doors to Death is a compilation from Unspeakable Axe records that features ten previously unreleased tracks from four up-and-coming North American death metal bands. Two of the included bands, Ectovoid and Trench Rot, I

Ripper – Experiment Of Existence Review

The heyday of thrash existed during a time when metal bands still had an outside chance of making a meager living off their talents. This moderate level of success, or rather the possibility of that

Unrest – Grindcore Review

Formed to fill the void tragically vacated by Nasum after Mieszko Talarczyk’s death in 2004, Unrest took their time getting their debut out to the world. Grindcore was recorded in 2011, but then shelved –

Zoldier Noiz – Regression Process Review

“…Let’s start with the dungeness crab salad with avocado mousse, and I’ll have the Moroccan spiced squab with orange-cumin carrots as my entree, please.” “Excellent choice. And for you, madam?” “I’ll have the arugala &