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Dimesland – Creepmoon Review

I like to think that I’m pretty well in-touch with the music scene in my native Bay Area, having followed it closely for the better part of 14 years as both a radio personality and

Void – Void Review

I had sort of given up hope, you see. After I grudgingly convinced myself ages ago that the world would never see a follow-up to 2002’s Posthuman, British avant-black metal troupe Void has now just

Grayceon – This Grand Show Review

Wow. After hearing the first two songs from the sophomore effort from Grayceon, I promptly picked my jaw up off the floor and immediately kicked myself for not heeding the universal–and I do mean universal–praise and

Klabautamann – Our Journey Through The Woods (Reissue) Review

First of all, I don’t consider myself a fan of the jollier, Humppa-styled metal released by bands such as Finntroll, so I approached this album with a fair bit of caution due to the playful

Agalloch – The White Review

originally written by Chris McDonald The EP is an interesting format. For most bands it’s either a way to get rid of old material that‘s been sitting around for awhile, or a quick cash-grab (usually

Island – Orakel Review

To be honest, I have no idea how the hell to label a band like Germany’s Island. Progressive death metal? The Orakel side of this release certainly maintains a number of death metal elements, but

Audiopain – The Switch To Turn Off Mankind Review

originally written by Chris McDonald WARNING: The goal of Audiopain’s music is to messily and painfully shred the facial features off of unprepared listeners with sonic tidal waves of thrash brutality and complete, unadulterated metalness. If

Grayceon – Grayceon Review

Originally written by Doug Moore. In my recent review of Swedish prog rock act Wolverine, I bemoaned the state of so-called progressive rock. To abbreviate the argument, I feel that prog rock has lost touch with