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Graf Orlock – Examination Of Violent Cinema, Volume 1 Review

I keep an eye on Graf Orlock because I’m unduly fascinated with the completely over-the-top packaging in which they’ve managed to literally wrap their physical output. The Destination Time Tomorrow CD arrived in the arachnoid

Asphalt Graves – The New Primitive Review

Something about the word “supergroup” makes me want to run away screaming. It’s just that, for every Bloodbath, there are at least five ones that just come off average at best, or “just a sad

Graf Orlock – Crime Traveler Review

I remain an ardent supporter of physical media. I don’t feel like I really own an album unless I can hold it in my hands, and though I don’t always go in for every special

Graf Orlock – Doombox Review

Originally written by Justin Bean. Now is as good a time as any to get into American grindcore because it seems every which way I turn I find another quality dose of blast beats, distorted