Absu – Tara Review

Originally written by Ty Brookman

Well I see the opportunity has finally arrived to review the utter madness that is Absu’s latest release, Tara. The embroiled metal bloodbath of alacrity and the masterful frenzy of ferocity. Waves of inextricable drove and the purest power reclaimed by the Celtic Gods themselves. With the sole intent of crushing what’s left of your disconsolate soul. Profound aggression and merciless strength prevails throughout this album. Waves of intensity that descend through wings of crush. Speed, speed and more speed, executed flawlessly and performed with cunning. Tara oddly enough begins with a bag pipe intro. In which I would have to believe is a first in the world of metal. Not that it is an amazing achievement, but dammit I will take it any day over Bal-Sagoth’s trumpets. Actually I would have to say it completely off sets the approaching devastation. Creating a natural lull only leading up to the styptic punishment that bitterly ensues. The musicianship that flows through the veins of this Texan trio should have corroded every one of their arteries with ragged metal shards years ago. Proscriptor’s lyrical obscurity and unrivaled performance behind the kit is nothing less of astonishing. In an industry that produces relentless drummers at the pace of ragweed growth. He truly stands alone. Double kicks so fast, they actually leave the listener drained. At this point I am sure you’re asking yourself if I can kiss this bands ass anymore. And the answer would be hell ya, but I will spare you the endless barrage of more adjectives and bring this foker to a close. Bottom Line: Absu is some of the fastest and intricate metal you can get your hands on. Again I say the ultimate beauty of the band is, you either get it or your don’t. I will also state if this one does go over your head, I will not hold it against you. Although I will say you are missing out on something very individual.

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