Death – Live In L.A. (Death & Raw) Review

Originally written by Ty Brookman

Where exactly the core of ones soul derives could be speculated, but the actual make-up is not an exact science. What factors create ones being, ones personality, ones values, and ones expectations. Will forever be a mystery. Precisely how it should be. Therefore creating individualism, uniqueness, and the acute qualities that decipher your own personality from every other fuck out there.

Who you are and what you stand for had to come from somewhere. Where exactly, who can fucking tell. To actually step back and contemplate your own internal make-up. Is to quite possibly evaluate your own heroes/influences. It has to be a combination of what you respect, who you respect and what kind of person you want to be. The roads you have traveled and the faces you have encountered. Ultimately after all these factors are taken into consideration the actual, “born-to” ideals along with those influences could be the final philosophy in which you live your life.

As I found myself sorting through my own emotions of Chuck’s death, I knew that it would be no easy task to describe the impact that his music actually had on me. I will openly admit these feeling were amplified ten fold upon his death. If I were to explain Chuck’s music if he were still alive things would be different. The intensity of his constitution would still be the same but not analyzed as tenaciously as they are now. It comes down to the age-old saying “you don’t know how good you have it until it is gone”. After a full week of contemplation, my explanation of what Chuck Schuldiner’s music meant to me comes down to this. A part of who I am is accredited to a one, Chuck Schuldiner and the music he created. I in no way state that his virtue is what I am completely made of. But a fraction of Chuck Schuldiner is inscribed in my ultimate make-up. I could explain every nuance in great detail of why this came to be. Every incredible moment that I have had at the hands of a genius. But why…? I take comfort in the fact that I will always have my Death and Control Denied discs sitting in the collection to comfort the loss of an absolute visionary. Beyond that I really have nothing left more to say.

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