Insomnium – Since The Day It All Came Down Review

Originally written by Ryan Plunkett

Yet again Finland has found itself another solid release. Insomnium brings together a fine mix of melodic fueled death with a perfect splash of melodic doom. Since the Day it All Came Down marks the bands sophomore effort and what a fine effort it is. Taking elements from Swallow the Sun, Opeth, and that patented Finnish finesse when it comes to creating melodic death/doom, Since the Day it All Came Down takes you on a journey of epic and moody proportions.

The disc starts out somberly with a beautifully orchestrated piano and string intro which leads straight into the upbeat melodic death based title-track. With well-written melodies and harmonies, this song will have your head bobbing in no time flat. However, with the next track, “Daughter of the Moon”, Insomnium are quick to show their more doom oriented elements with an acoustic introduction and a song pace that is much slower and heavier in orientation without losing a hint of their impeccable songwriting abilities. As the song slides along it’s doom phase with the aforementioned track and into its predecessor, Insominium once again takes another turn combining both elements, with a mid/slow paced combination of both death and doom influences. Its truly a treat to watch the band combine both elements so fluidly and it works out perfectly. Once you feel you may be getting a bit too much by the means of melodic death, the band is quick to change into a more doom oriented vibe. Not to mention the well-written Opeth like acoustic/clean parts tossed throughout the album. The album is finished off perfectly, with what is easily one of my favorite tracks, entitled “Song of the Forlorn Son.” Epic and doomy are the perfect words to accompany this track.

Insomnium is a band comprised of a bunch of young bucks who have a strong sense of song craftsmanship and should have a good career in metal on the horizon. With a solid production job, Since the Day it All Came Down is a stellar album that I highly recommend to anybody with ears. It is no secret that Finland is home to a strong line-up of bands and Insomnium only reaffirms this fact. Go buy this album, now!

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