Pelican – March Into The Sea Review

Originally written by Erik Thomas

Two tracks 32 minutes- an extended version of a track of the forth comingThe Fire in Our Throats Beckons the Thaw (“March into the Sea”) and a Justin Broadrick remix of “Angel Tears”

For me, Pelican has been one of those “cool to know and own” bands rather than a must have and regular listen, but with my recent forays into instrumental music (Trephine, Tides, The Red Sparowes and to some extent my forth coming Bumblebees review), I have revisited this band with a virtual sense of awe, and this track cements my feeling.

The first thing you notice is the grittier, earthier production from Australasia, the drums and bass are more prominent, but that could be due to the immediacy of this track. Rather than lull you with expansive opening segue of hypnotic drones and acoustics, “Angel Tears” is almost the reverse. It starts out with a pummeling pace and an almost intense Mastodon-ish gait, with the drums of Larry Herweg (also of Lair of the Minotaur) being in the fore front.

However, the trademark vast Pelican ebbs and flows surface for the vast “March Into the Sea” though, as this track far more ambient and acoustic based with swathes of dreamy tones and notes caressing the listener, bringing them down from the prior stanza’s abusive climax. It’s twenty minutes of sheer blissful heaviness and beauty. The sterling musicianship of this quartet is paramount only by their ability to create such stifling and at the same time relaxing moods, all without vocals.

I’m not sure this 2 track EP is worth the purchase considering the imminent release of their second album, but considering it is an ‘exclusive track’ remix, die hard Pelican fans may want to grab this as somewhat of a collectors item.

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