Gorod – Neurotripsicks Review

Originally written by Ramar Pittance

Willowtip records continues its effort to unearth and proliferate overlooked or hard to acquire technical death metal with the re-release of Gorod’s Neurotripsicks. While Neurotripsicks will likely lack the impact of last year’s stellar re-mastered and expanded version of Necrophagist’s Onset of Putrefaction, it’s still a worthwhile venture for tech-death enthusiasts.

Originally released in 2004 through Deadsun records, Neurotripsicks is pushed over the line between technical thrash and technical death primarily by the throaty belch of vocalist Guillaume. Aside from that, this is mostly a record of constantly galloping acrobatic thrash. Starting with one of the most appropriately ominous intros I’ve ever heard on a metal album, “Gorod Rises Up” sets the stage for the slightly quirky and idiosyncratic “Gutting Job.” Cantering forward with a second guitarist cleverly alternating his harmonic compliments, Gorod display their knack for jamming the intricacies of Martyr or Cynic into the context of more straight forward Quo Vadis tune. “Hunt the Weaks” and “Beware of Tramps” displays the band operating within more traditional melodic structures without sacrificing their high standard of technical excellence, while “Earth Pus” shows off some of Gorod’s finer asymmetrical riffing.

If taken on a song by song basis, this is a near dream come true for tech-death enthusiasts that could even cross over to more adventurous fans of melodic death metal. However, at a taxing 48 minutes Neurotripsicks has a tendency to congeal into a mass of stuff I’m sure is really great, but just can’t remember once I turn away from it.

These guys can play, and they’ve even mastered the subtle art of restraint that many talented musicians seem to overlook. As it stands, this band draws from a strong but limited supply of songwriting ideas. They execute them remarkably well, but Gorod will need to expand their scope to release something truly remarkable. Neurotripsicks is a fine display of promise, and another astute pick up by Willowtip records.

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