Hacavitz – Venganza Review

Originally written by Jeremy Garner

I’ve never had more than a passing interest in the bands Moribund Records distributes until they’ve recently been expanding their repertoire and promoting a surprisingly wide minded variety of metal with one shared commonality, the desire to play raw, abrasive, no frills extreme metal. Hell the whole satanic ideology of Moribund Records carries over to their belief that metal is more than just music; it’s a way of life. The Mexican cult band Hacavitz are in no ways newcomers to the extreme metal scene as members come from various other current and past extreme metal bands (Impiety, Ravager, and Cenotaph to name a few) and fit neatly amongst the ranks of Moribund Records as a surprisingly talented death metal band unafraid to lean heavily on black metal overtones in their blend of death metal that would serve any fan of early Morbid Angel proud.

Yep, nothing sounds more evil than chirping birds and tribal drums; the start of “Nightwinds” is by far one of the most ridiculous, drawn out intros that sounds more like an intro to an IMAX film than anything remotely sinister. Nor am I impressed by the idiotic recurring soundclips at the end of each song that sounds like someone choking on what would presumably be blood combined with the distant sound of tortured screams. Yeah, it’s metal and all, but it gets really old really fucking quick. However, outside of the occasional penchant for the extravagant, there’s little on Venganza to complain about.

Hacavitz plays a seamless blend of ferocious, razor sharp death metal extremely similar to that of Angel Corpse mixed with the abrasive wrath of traditional black metal. The production and overall sound, though somewhat thin, is incredibly reminiscent of a clearer version of the early days of death metal where it still had that raw passion that’s so often absent today. The drums are tight and aggressive, driving the album in a frenetic pace of fury. The guitars are razor sharp flurries of violence malevolently twisting from classic death metal into melodically pernicious black metal armageddon. The vocals alter between their common sneering black metal rasps and lower death metal growls. All in all it’s a combination for success. Songs like “Ultimate Covenant”, “Tsita Ndäte”, and the furious “Fathom thee Eerie” see a band deftly possessed with a relentless, unabashed hate, while the slower “Mixtla Miquixtli” and the black metal stylings of “Lighting Bolts Ov Dead” prove that Hacavitz have more than just one ace up their sleeves.

Though by no means anywhere near the most original death metal band I’ve come across, at the very least Hacavitz has no qualms proudly touting their influence on their sleeves without the slightest hint of apology. Where I expected to find pathetically watered down mediocrity, I found a band stylistically waist deep in the foundations of classic death metal, convincingly hacking a path of aural destruction. Venganza is a fifty-two minute whirlwind holocaust of standard, but well played enjoyable traditional extreme metal.

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