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Satan’s Host – Metal From Hell & Midnight Wind (Reissues) Review

Long before he left Jag Panzer to front eeeeevil power metal outfit Satan’s Host in 2011, Harry “Leviathan Thisiren” Conklin left Jag Panzer to front eeeeevil power metal outfit Satan’s Host in 1986. The sole


Waxen – Weihung Auf Satan

Despite his mastery of the German language (huge assumption here), Waxen is actually a solo project of an America: multi-instrumentalist Toby Knapp from Sheridan, Wyoming. Given the name “Toby Knapp” and the location of Wyoming

Wende – The Third And The Noble Review

Originally written by K. Scott Ross. Here’s an interesting question: when is being boring and derivative okay? Recently, this critic lambasted Thulcandra for being both of those things. Today, we’re looking at Wende, a solo black metal project from central

Satan’s Host – Pre-Dating God Parts 1 & 2 Review

Satan’s Host has existed in some form or another, off and on for thirty years now. Their first record featured Jag Panzer vocalist Harry “the Tyrant” Conklin, who departed two years after to join Titan

Satan’s Host – Virgin Sails Review

“Nine out of ten lead singers agree that the vocalist is the most important member of the band.” It’s a variation upon the age-old joke about singers, but there is some truth to it. Sure,

Pact – The Dragon Lineage Of Satan Review

One does not simply listen to Pact… Some albums aren’t adventures, escapades, journeys, pathways, portals, passages or promenades. They don’t introduce a storyline, they don’t meander, peak or plateau. No… some albums don’t do any

Azaghal – Nemesis Review

If I was feeling like kind of an asshole, I might suggest that this review of Nemesis, the ninth and newest Azaghal record (and third for Moribund) could be kept to three words: “Finnish black

Thrall – Vermin To The Earth Review

Originally written by Jason Lawrence Ugh, a long time coming is this review of Thrall of Australia’s sophomore album Vermin to the Earth. It’s been a turbulent couple months for yours truly, and my lack