As Light Dies – A Step Through The Reflection Review

Originally written by Jeremy Garner

This album review has been rather painful for me. Not because I’d rather be throwing back a couple of beers, but more or less because we have a thirteen song album that bores the living crap out of me. As Light Dies plays an odd sort of hybrid metal that pulls as much from black metal as it does from Cynic and avant-garde in the vein of Arcturus. I’m a big fan of the controlled chaos approach, but the cohesion just doesn’t seem to be here. “A Step Through the Reflection” is the only point on the album where everything actually comes together in a moderately impressive fashion.

All the numerous instrumentals interspersed throughout the album are the same droll, insipid, half-assed classical songs we’ve been hearing since black metal first discovered keyboards and violins. They detract heavily from whatever interest the band is able to create in their occasional moments of ingenuity. “In Fairies Garden” is just an all around bad song. Whatever cohesion was present earlier dissipates into a loose association of. “The Temple” is just flat out boringly uneventful. By the time the doom ridden anticlimactic album closer “The Sinking of Atlantis” rolls around I was just glad the album was over and I could get this review over and done with. I have no clue what the band was thinking when they were writing this stuff, the album tops out after the fourth song and never comes back.

A Step Through the Reflection isn’t a bad album per se, but it comes off a bit too heavy handed for my tastes. I’m all for avant-garde, but not when it’s this obviously unfocused and overambitious. Yeah, There’s always a good chance that this is the sort of thing that takes ample time to understand and I just don’t get it (we reviewers get blamed with that one all the time), but I’ll pass on this one.

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