Gridlink – Amber Grey Review

Eleven songs.

Twelve minutes.

Two roommates who wish I’d turn this shit down.

Former Discordance Axis frontman Jon Chang is back with Gridlink, a grindcore unit that, like his usually underrated earlier band, kicks all kinds of ass. (Discordance fans will note that Gridlink actually appeared on the final release under the Discordance Axis name, 2005’s interesting-if-not-essential “tribute” record Our Last Day.) Per usual, Chang’s vocals are insane, ferocious and rabid. Nothing here is anything less than a right good old kick to the nuts, blast-beats and punkish riffs. Gridlink is not reinventing the wheel, and not even resetting the grind bar like Discordance did, but they are slaying nonetheless.

Hard to say much about grindcore that hasn’t been said before, and it’s hard to say much about a twelve-minute record at all, especially one that never deviates from its course, never varies from machine-gun-fast destruction and venomous vocal patterns. Since there’s not much to say, I’ll try to keep this short and sweet in the spirit of the style. (Imagine, if you will, that instead of you reading this review online, perhaps I’m screaming it right into your ears in a high-pitched psychotic screech while Dave Witte blasts beneath me. It would likely take me longer to do that than it would for you just to listen to the entire record.)

Only complaint: the production is a bit disappointing—the drums sound pretty raw, particularly the snare. I’m willing to forgive that flaw because, even with that imperfection, this is still damn good, right behind ASRA‘s The Way Of All Flesh on my list of new grinding goodies. Fans of quality grind know that Jon Chang deserves your respect and your attention. Non-grinders won’t care anymore about this than they wouldn’t care about Napalm Death or Brutal Truth or Assuck, all of which they should care about but for whatever reason don’t

Their loss.

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