Aseptic – Murderous Obsessions Review

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It really doesn’t matter how vigilant you think you might be with regard to staying ahead of the seemingly endless heap of new metal that gets shoveled onto our tables on a weekly basis, something always manages to fall through the cracks. More often than not, the ones that find said cracks are, well, sort of meant to do so, but occasionally—and I think you see where this is going—an album that deserves ample time for play within the rotting embrace of the metal community at large ends up wriggling through mostly unnoticed. San Jose, California’s delightfully putrid Aseptic dropped their sophomore release, Murderous Obsessions, back in July of this year, and most of us slept on it. Not literally, of course, because if you had actually slept on top of it, that bag of blood and bones you call a body probably would have melted into some sort of rank swill, because this thing is dangerously sour, raw and terrifically acidic. Not meant for everyone, of course, but if you love death metal that’s raw as dog balls with a touch of particularly vulgar thrash, this is definitely your huckleberry. Remember how fucking great Cadaver’s Hallucinating Anxiety was (and still is)? Well, this is its twisted, bleeding, splintery, starving, John Carpenter-eque offspring, and IT WILL ACTUALLY KILL YOU IF YOU LISTEN TO IT.

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