Serrabulho – Porntugal (Portuguese Vagitarian Gastronomy) Review

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I have no idea how necessary it might be to welcome an album into your life that sounds a bit like TV Funhouse, Peter Jackson’s Bad Taste, Gut, and Macabre sitting together on an old tractor and then driving directly into the wall of a crumbling barn and exploding, but Serrabulho is here for you in case that sounds at all tempting. One of the band’s influences is listed as Ren & Stimpy, and it’s not difficult to hear why—tooth beavers, littlest giants, and Log from BLAMMO could all fit into the formula, but above all else, Porntugal (Portuguese Vagitarian Gastronomy) sounds like a Jim Henson grindcore band fronted by Orcish farmers and an 800lb hog with an ear for hooks.

Indecent exposure, the sounds of someone pooping, chickens, flutes, barking, grunting, squeaking, pleading, scooting, braying, Casio keyboard techno, bagpipes, grinding, campfire singalongs, phbbt, slamming and a bunch of surprisingly deft drumming are all present here, and somehow it all feels like it would be terribly appropriate to listen while wearing an old, musty gorilla suit. So, basically the grindcore equivalent of an old Don Martin cartoon.

Release date: December 15, 2018
Label: Rotten Roll Rex
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