Veilburner – A Sire To The Ghouls Of Lunacy Review

Originally written by Brian Brockmiller

A Sire To The Ghouls Of Lunacy, Veilburner’s newest offering, comes out of nowhere with a genre-blurring attack. Playing in an experimental black/death hybrid style, Veilburner take the basic template of the genre and then proceeds to tear the playbook to shreds. “Introvertovoid” opens the album with a clean, progressive intro before slamming headlong into a thunderous blackened death maelstrom, sounding like the unholy offspring of Behemoth and Akercocke. While this is impressive in itself, it’s the next track, “Panoramic Phantoms,” that truly takes a left turn. Imagine the Deftones, Dimmu Borgir, and Mayhem having a jam session and you’re getting close. The cleanly sung outro is a gamble that pays off as well, and yet another element that doesn’t feel forced but organic.

Release date: December 28, 2018. Label: Transcending Obscurity Records.
This genre fluidity is on full display throughout, from the Dødheimsgard/Old Man’s Child fury of “Agony On Repeat” to “Abattoir Noir,” a truly surprising track and an album highlight that blends Amorphis-drenched melo-doom and 60s organ flourishes. “Glory Glory Grotesque” brings frigid funereal doom that swerves into a groove metal breakdown, another risk that pays dividends. Likewise, the blackened thrash of “Upstream and Parallel” (love that guitar solo!) sits comfortably between “Glory…” and album closer “Where Torment Has Danced Before.” The latter, with its blackened, psychedelic pulse, is yet another highlight in an album jammed full of them, and makes for an intense final statement.


Veilburner’s songwriting is a Frankenstein’s monster, with blackened death sitting beside goth, thrash, and prog, a twisted vision offering truly memorable songs. The musicianship is equally impressive, as seen on the massive title track, a churning pit of relentless drums and serpentine guitar and bass interplay. The use of keys and samples, particularly on “Glory Glory Grotesque,” is also a welcome surprise. The dual vocal stylings of Mephisto Deleterio (music and backing vocals) and Chrisom Infernium (main vocals) are another standout, and highlight the production on the mix as well. The cavernous effect on the vocals gives the album a feeling of grandeur and dread, and adds to the haunting atmosphere, while the instruments are represented equally and crystal clear but given just the right amount of grit.

As the keyboards fade on “Where Torment Has Danced Before,” two things are abundantly clear: Veilburner have crafted a fascinating mutation, and you may have to go back and adjust your 2018 top albums list. Time will tell, but A Sire To The Ghouls Of Lunacy has the potential to be a game changer.

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  1. this album is awesome, I’m considering it a 2019 release as far as top ten lists are concerned.


  2. I wonder why this isn’t available on iTunes or Amazon Music. Their older albums are there. Anyway, great stuff!


  3. When this album fires on all cylinders, it’s a beast. When they slow down, they lose my interest. That makes me sound like an asshole. But as soon as the tempo slows the riffs suffer. The experimental half of the band’s sound is just so much “been there”. This kind of stuff no longer counts as an experiment. Cheesy effects pedals on goofy guitar licks (Introvertoid @ 5:18), and meandering sackless riffs like the one that opens Where Torment Has Danced Before make this a very uneven album for me.

    I’m losing my taste for this bullshit as I age, I guess. I just want buzzsaw riffs to tear my head off. Not some half-extreme band that turns into gay Rotting Christ whenever they get tired.


  4. This weirdo finally popped up on Spotify last week, for anyone who stopped paying for music like I have. Still not sure if I *like* it or not, but repeat listens are starting to pay off as the tunes click with me.

    Gay Rotting Christ sounds pretty cool to me, but I agree partially with Dead, the fast stuff clicked right away and this one really rips at full speed.


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