Wormed – Metaportal Review

Wormed has a great band name.

Everything else is just window dressing, really.

Wormed homer, here. Love these guys, truly. So this review is tainted by the admiration, adoration, and abject sexual longing I feel for this band. The previous sentence is like 30 percent accurate. I will leave it to you to decide which 30.

Wormed has done something praiseworthy in a world where simply tweaking your last album a bit for your new release is actually a good business model. For three albums in a row they have substantially upped their game. From the filthy, almost tactily fetid Planisphaerium to the technically and emotionally fearsome Krighsu, Wormed appeared to be on a steadily increasing axis of quality few death metal bands, or bands of any genre, could attain. Most bands improve, of course, but Wormed seemed to speciate right before our eyes.

Release date: July 19, 2019. Label: Season Of Mist.
Metaportal, however, essentially finds Wormed right where they left off. Now, that’s a hell of a place to be, but if you approach this EP with expectations of quantitative improvement derived from the above stated ascent, you will be disappointed. While the sound is slightly deeper, overall this is the same kind of guttural tech death Krighsu was.

Which means you are getting four killer tracks from a top tier band of murderers, lest you dismiss. “Remote Void” finds Wormed blasting in their patented start/stop/GO style, with passages that ring like cathedral organs taking you to the fade-out. “Cryptoubiquity” is likewise chock full of start/stop ferocity, compelling but oddly phrased, quirkily bent riffs, and gurgling gurgles—so essentially the same thing. It synth-fades to “Bionic Relic”…which does all the same things again. Killer riffing, running, chunking, gurgling. Great stuff…but… not really advancing the cause beyond “it’s killer.”

Now, album closer “E-Xystem://CE” starts off with some interesting dynamics, pointing to potential for innovation, and marks the EP’s high point for this reason. The droning undercurrent of the main lyrics builds some real tension. The creep factor comes out on this track more than most of their catalog, and makes me excited to hear what their next full length might hold. The one area Wormed has yet to really explore is the underlying unease of their sci-fi storytelling. They get the horror, excitement, chaos, and scope, but have never driven hard into the kind of simmering dread their chosen theme screams for. This song is enticing for doing just that.

Bottom line is this EP will keep you right where you are as far as Wormed fandom is concerned. With the caveat that “E-Xystem://CE” may be pointing to  great new ideas, this is simply four new Wormed songs. If you dig the band, you will dig this. If you don’t, you won’t. It’s a ripping little addition to the Wormed library, and if you haven’t gotten into the band and want to try, it is certainly a great primer. But it will not change your mind about them, or improve your opinion. My opinion is already plenty high, so I am glad to have this.

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