Repuked – Dawn Of Reintoxication Review

You looking for high art, bud? Well, you’d best look elsewhere.

I mean… the band is called Repuked, after all — either a pun on “rebuked” or just the word for “puked once and then puked again” — and the album is titled Dawn Of Reintoxication. And haven’t we all been there before?

So, no, high art this ain’t. Although maybe it’s art that was made, or at least meant to be enjoyed, whilst high… and in either instance, it’s clearly made by a bunch of reprobates with a twisted sense of humor and a commendable affinity for the sicker sounds.

Release date: October 9, 2020. Label: Soulseller Records.
The Swedish miscreants in Repuked have returned with their third full-length — and first in 7 repuke-less years — after 2011’s Pervertopia and 2013’s modestly (albeit perhaps literally) titled Up From The Sewers. (To be fair, there was a limited-run split with Bonesaw in the interim, so it’s not like our intrepid heroes haven’t been keeping themselves at least a teensy bit busy between skull-crushing hangovers.) I haven’t spent much (or really, any) time with those previous pukings, but this one’s a fine little slab of raunchy, raw, raucous death, crossed with creepy-crawly doom, and heavily indebted to the bone-breaking, blood-splattered, severed-tongue-in-rotten-cheek likes of Autopsy and Pungent Stench.

Opening with a doomy guitar tandem that manages to be both filthy and eerie at once, Dawn Of Reintoxication establishes its gnarliness up front: Ghoulish groans ebb and swell atop crust-caked riffs before drummer Mad Masx kicks it all up several notches with a pounding, thrashing drive that pushes “Livers Bleed” towards vintage death metal glory, some unholy mash-up of that Autopsy filth and a Grave-ly straight-ahead pummeling. And, of course, if you’re going to bust out a trio of song titles like “Fucking Your Fucking Corpse,” “Shitfister,” and “Kick Fuck,” you’d best back them up with something worth hearing, and somehow, Repuked manages to make that three-song stretch not only the highlight of the track listing, but of the listening experience, as well. The first of the three rides a great combination of a simple — and yet hugely effective — greasy riff into a double-time walloping, all of it coated in a nearly palpable grime. The second is one of the album’s advance tracks, a punked-up death metal rager that’s unrelenting in its assault, even as it plays like the formula of “Fucking Corpse” in reverse: Pummel, then creep, and repeat. And the last of those three somehow manages to turn a growled and chanted “kick fuck” into a singalong vocal hook, which is laudable alone, even if it wasn’t doing so as part of the third consecutive brilliantly filth-coated thrashing. With the minor deviation of the mid-sequence title track, an electronic interlude that sounds like it was lifted wholesale from the score of some mid-80s slasher film, Dawn Of Reintoxication doesn’t deviate from its attack, only redoubles the effort after the break.

So, yes, Repuked isn’t reinventing any wheels, but there’s absolutely nothing wrong with a good old-school bashing. Performed by various combinations of Rob The Slob, Nicke Piss, and Richard Rimjob (probably not their real names), the vocals alternate between high and low growls, chesty bellows, snarls, groans, and whatever else fits the sickness of the moment. The riffs are catchy, grimy, often pretty straightforward, but never feel hackneyed or dumbed-down, and what solos emerge are those that boil up from the Hanneman/King depths of whammy-bar Hades. Still, it’s really the overall feeling of twisted grotesquery that is the true focal point of Repuked’s aesthetic, and that ugliness is a thing of bloody beauty.

The musical equivalent of zombies devouring rotting corpses in your favorite C-grade gore film, Dawn Of Reintoxication is equal parts gross and silly, great and serious; it’s gloriously noxious and obnoxious, and and more important than anything else, it’s fun as all unholy hell.

Get your puke on.

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