Track Premiere: DSKNT – “Transition Ω- [Part II]”

There is a point in the metaphysical realm where the three paths of art, science, and spirituality converge. These paths are not straightforward – in fact, they intersect with one another many times as they spiral away into the infinite void of the collective human experience. Science can increase the potential of art, art can, in turn, inspire scientific discovery. Music, painting, sculpture, and architecture all play heavy roles in religious symbolism. These paths aren’t always working in cohesion, in fact they often clash and repel one another like furious electrons in the more unstable elements in the tail ends of the Periodic Table. Yet it is such elements we take control of, in the literal sense, to produce some of our most powerful forms of transferable energy.

Release date: February 5th, 2021. Label: Sentient Ruin Laboratories
Switzerland’s DKSNT are a prime example of harnessing the force found at one of these three-way intersections. Their riffs are meticulously calculated and precise beneath the illusion of chaos. Even when things get discordant there is still a repetition, a pattern alluding to intelligent design. The drums have a mechanical precision, propelling the juggarnaut of DKSNT further and further into the spiraling abstract of sound. Even the feedbacking leads wash across the iron-clad barrage like painstakingly calculated sine waves that alter with the inclusion or removal of new variables. The vocals narrate the voyage into oblivion in a style not dissimilar to Deathspell Omega,  Abyssal, or Altarage: They spew vile aggression in a spoken-word snarl in conjunction with the music unveiling itself beneath them. It adds that human element to the otherwise otherworldly sounds – it’s the connecting point between humanity and what lies beyond.

Today, we are happy to premiere “Transition Ω- [Part II]” from DKSNT’s upcoming sophomore full length excursion, Vacuum γ-Noise Transition. Occuring in the middle of the album, the listener should already be in the headspace that DKSNT have constructed. Peeking behind the curtain, however, sends us instantly into a wash of feedback from atonal chords as the drums build a single utterance from the vocals. The guitars lock in, propelled by the explosion of drums. As the initial blast settles into a groove, the hypnotic nature of the down-tuned guitars hijacks the low-frequency receptors, accentuated with dissonant chimes on the upper register. By the midpoint, it is as though the song begins collapsing under its own weight, breaking down a little further and further as though pulled apart by its own gravitational pull. An unsteady balance occurs as “Transition Ω-” is again hit with a discharge of radioactive power to lead it to it’s climax before the black well of gravity tears the track apart into its very base elements.

Vacuum γ-Noise Transition converges between noise and subtle melody, chaos and calculation – all delivered with a brain-crushingly heavy assault on the auditory senses. While “Transition Ω- [Part II]” gives a pretty clear picture of what to expect from the album in terms of sound, DSKNT’s second offering, when taken in in full, crafts a journey into the darkest abscesses of the astral mind.

Preorders for vinyl, CD, tape, and digital versions of Vacuum γ-Noise Transition are available exclusively through the Sentient Ruin Laboratories Bandcamp.

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