Eyes of Perdition – Incendiary Truths Review

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Release date: August 13, 2021. Label: Self-Released.
Ignorance is an appropriately maligned trait in a human being. Sure, a person who is truly ignorant can’t always be blamed for simply not knowing something, but we live in a world where the word “willful” is usually an apt qualifier to the term and those people can go jump in a volcano. When it comes to death metal, however, ignorance is practically a virtue. Metal ignorance can tickle the lizard brain of even the most ardent vegetarian and make them salivate at the idea of eating raw meat off of a bone.

So, is the debut EP by Las Vegas’ Eyes of Perdition ignorant? The third track is titled “For Natty Ice,” so you tell me.

Luckily, you won’t need to wait until the middle of the release to confirm your suspicions because instrumental opener “Incendiary Truths” is as much Hatebreed as it is death metal. While their home city is often associated with grandiose opulence and overly complicated schemes thanks to the Ocean’s movies and the like, Eyes of Perdition adhere to a keep it simple stupid motto.

They deftly balance fiery death and hardcore beatdowns. “For Natty Ice” brings the song to a doomed crawl, ratchets the speed back into death and closes with a monster beating that lets the bass ride over top. “Ruled by Pluto” opens with an absolutely blazing death metal riff and counters it with rollicking bouncy hardcore shortly after. The closing track appropriately offers a perfected version of everything they’re about.

Lindsay O.’S vocals have an interesting wind-tunnel effect that provides an uncommon flow to what she is growling. While the very few full-on pig squeals seem a bit strained, that minor quibble is far outshined by her variety and gusto.

If you need something to help you make your mean-mug ugly face while working out, Incendiary Truths has you covered.

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