Silurian – End Of Ordovicia Review

Fast Rites: because sometimes brevity is fundamental.

When your band pedigree includes members of tech-heads Obsolete, dissonant death metallers Sunless, black/death churners Suffering Hour, and several others, you’re probably creating both a certain level of expected quality and some questions about what, exactly, your music will sound like. In the case of Silurian and their debut EP End of Ordovicia, the music manages to bring in bits of all of the above acts ‒ the technicality, spiraling trickery, violence, and surprising melodicism ‒ all while creating a grandiosity and vision all its own.

The opening title track really leans into the band’s ability to weave a bit of melodic theatricality despite all the blazing riffs, inhuman vocals, and good bit of blackened iciness in the production. The guitars switch between slippery technicality and more narrative leads, at different times being violently alienating and oddly welcoming. “Gondwanian Sacrifice” builds upon this base with even more techy thrash and some wickedly charismatic soloing, all without losing that touch of pomp. “Eurypterid Emperors” increases the intensity with blasts, a heightened cacophony of controlled madness, extra desperation in the vocals, and finally, a sense of climax and resolution. It’s an effective, if somewhat subtle arc completed over just about 14 minutes. It’s also supremely kickass and loaded with details.

End of Ordovicia lives up to and surpasses any expectations created by Silurian’s associated acts. This is a wild, thrilling little EP that ought to appeal to a wide swath of listeners, not to mention a massive whetter of appetites for whatever might come out of the Silurian camp next.

Release data: September 2, 2022; Label: Ordovician Records.

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  1. Dude, this shit RIPS, thanks for the short piece because I probably would never have come across this!


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