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Obituary – Darkest Day Review

2009 marks two decades since five kids from Tampa called Xecutioner changed their name to Obituary and unleashed a musical horror called Slowly We Rot. With Slowly We Rot, Obituary established a unique voice in

Elliott’s Keep – In Medias Res Review

Solitude Aeturnus will always be the first name in Texas doom metal, but in Elliott’s Keep, I believe I have found the second. The story of Elliott’s Keep begins with another Texas doom metal band

Assaulter – Salvation Like Destruction Review

As an Australian band playing black/thrash, Assaulter can hardly expect to avoid comparisons to Destroyer 666 just as any Australian hard rock band cannot avoid comparisons to AC/DC. The fact that Assaulter is lead by

Blade Of The Ripper – Taste The Blade Review

As I sit at my desk typing this review while Blade of the Ripper’s Taste the Blade plays on my shitty computer speakers, I find myself seized by in voluntary fits of aggression: My lip

Wino – Punctuated Equilibrium Review

After thirty-odd years in the music business and five bands (including numerous versions of The Obsessed) Scott “Wino” Weinrich has finally issued a solo album entitled Punctuated Equilibrium, and I for one could not be

Hooded Menace – Fulfill The Curse Review

The extreme metal scene of Finland may not be as fecund as that of neighboring Sweden but it does seem to produce acts of exceedingly high quality, such as Amorphis, Demigod, Demilich and Impaled Nazarene,

The Dead – Nocturnal Funeral Review

It seems it was only weeks ago that I read Erik Thomas’s review of The Dead’s self titled debut. As it turns out, it was only weeks ago. Obsidian Records was apparently a year or

Execration – Syndicate of Lethargy Review

Just when you thought all the possible band names ending in “ation” were used up, along comes Norway’s Execration. With a name like Execration, I will give you one guess as to what style of