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Vader – Necropolis Review

The last several years have been tumultuous for Vader: Long time drummer Doc left the band in 2004 and met an untimely end in 2005. The band seemed to take the loss in stride releasing

Asphyx – Death… The Brutal Way Review

Though Dutch death metal masters Asphyx remained active through the turn of the century, the band’s most celebrated work was done with vocalist and erstwhile bassist, Martin Van Drunen, who left the band in 1992.

Destroyer 666 – Defiance Review

A howl pierces the night and the shepherd awakens. In an instant, five years of peace and tranquility are forgotten. Is that the glint of yellow eyes in the shadows? A lamb bleats in terror,

Obituary – Darkest Day Review

2009 marks two decades since five kids from Tampa called Xecutioner changed their name to Obituary and unleashed a musical horror called Slowly We Rot. With Slowly We Rot, Obituary established a unique voice in

Elliott’s Keep – In Medias Res Review

Solitude Aeturnus will always be the first name in Texas doom metal, but in Elliott’s Keep, I believe I have found the second. The story of Elliott’s Keep begins with another Texas doom metal band

Assaulter – Salvation Like Destruction Review

As an Australian band playing black/thrash, Assaulter can hardly expect to avoid comparisons to Destroyer 666 just as any Australian hard rock band cannot avoid comparisons to AC/DC. The fact that Assaulter is lead by

Blade Of The Ripper – Taste The Blade Review

As I sit at my desk typing this review while Blade of the Ripper’s Taste the Blade plays on my shitty computer speakers, I find myself seized by in voluntary fits of aggression: My lip

Wino – Punctuated Equilibrium Review

After thirty-odd years in the music business and five bands (including numerous versions of The Obsessed) Scott “Wino” Weinrich has finally issued a solo album entitled Punctuated Equilibrium, and I for one could not be