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Riffs or GTFO.

Solace Of Requiem – The Great Awakening Review

Despite a moniker tailor-made for doom metal, the Virginia-based trio known as Solace of Requiem, in fact, plays death metal.  The band’s third album, The Great Awakening was actually recorded in 2008, but the act,

Offending – Human Concept Review

Human Concept is the debut album from French brutal death metal act Offending, and it bears all the marks of a typical brutal affair: rampant blast beats, double bass and dozens of riffs per song. Offending, however,

Acid Witch – Stoned Review

Acid Witch, everyone’s favorite psychedelic / Satanic / horror / doom / death metal band, has brewed up another cauldron full of cavernous growls, spooky organ licks, wailing solos and anvil-heavy riffs. Though there has

Elliott’s Keep – Sine Qua Non Review

Elliott’s Keep’s debut, In Medias Res, was for me one of those pleasant surprises that makes this reviewing gig worthwhile. As a conservative estimate, I would say that 80% of the albums I review never

Hail Of Bullets – On Divine Winds Review

With Bolt Thrower on an indefinite studio hiatus, it is a comfort to have Hail of Bullets around to keep the world flush with high quality, war-themed death metal. With its second record, On Divine

The Sword – Warp Riders Review

I was introduced to The Sword via a glowing review of the band’s debut album, Age of Winters, by Keith Bergman on Having no prior knowledge of the band, I assumed that Kemado Records was

Beyond Hell – The Sleeper Awakens Review

In the embrace of eternal darkness, beyond life, beyond death, beyond Heaven, Beyond Hell, it is suspended. A spirit?  A soul? A thought. Hate. Hate unwavering, hate unending, hate…for all life! For an eternal second

The Devil’s Blood – The Time Of No Time Evermore Review

You can’t always judge a book by its cover, and you can’t always judge a band by its name. A name like The Devil’s Blood, to me, screams black metal. Photos of the band performing