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Forgotten Tomb – Negative Megalomania Review

originally written by Chris McDonald This is my first exposure to Italy’s Forgotten Tomb, and I have to say I am very impressed. My research shows that this band has built their reputation as a hybrid

Hammerfall – Threshold Review

Originally written by Jon Eardley Out of all of the many sub-genres of metal, power metal has got to be the undisputed leader in when it comes to recycling riffs, and it doesn’t take a

Azrael – Act III: Self… Act IV: Goat Review

Originally written by Erik Thomas. Synopsis: Paraphrased from Wikipedia: “Azrael is typically known as one of the names of the angel of death, and is an English form of the Arabic name Ezra’il or Ezra’eil,

Graf Orlock – Destination Time Yesterday Review

originally written by Jim Brandon I have this thing about albums that are peppered with incessant movie samples: I hate them, and think they’re fucking stupid. So why the hell did I pick Graf Orlock’s

Goretrade – Perception Of Hate Review

Originally written by Jeremy Garner Ever heard Internal Suffering? If so, great, you know pretty much the broad direction taken on Perception of Hate, but whereas with Internal Suffering there’s a strong emphasis on unrelenting

Fairyland – The Fall Of An Empire Review

originally written by Jim Brandon Always up for trying new things, The Fall Of An Empire from France’s Fairyland sat unclaimed for long enough, so I figured “why not?” and decided to give it a whirl.

Azaghal – Luciferin Valo Review

originally written by Jim Brandon As a reviewer, it’s easy to become jaded and bitter when inundated with stockpiled metal. When it comes to black metal, there’s a lot to be bitter about since among

Phazm – Antebellum Death ‘N Roll Review

Originally written by Jason Jordan. Though my memory of Phazm’s debut – Hate at First Seed – is fuzzy at best, I don’t recall it being quite as varied as this one. Antebellum Death ‘N Roll is entertaining and different,