Arsis – A Celebration of Guilt Review

Originally written by Alex de Moller. Shocking brilliance is always born from shit. When the taste of mediocrity is as blatant as your last listen to Turbo Lover and your enjoyment of music becomes a desperate search

Tarot – Suffer Our Pleasures Review

Tarot is a Finnish power metal band originally formed in the mid-80s. After achieving a small degree of success throughout the 90s, particularly in Japan, they just sort of dissipated, with the members going on

Funerus – Festering Earth Review

Originally written by Erik Thomas Are bands really still playing this style of death metal? Are fans still listening to it? With 2 members of Incantation (Kyle Severn and John McEntree), and the wife of

Grip Inc. – Incorporated Review

Formed in the mid-90s, Grip Inc. had all the right tools to become a major player – namely acclaimed producer Waldemar Sorychta on guitars, Gus Chambers on vocals, and the one and only Dave Lombardo

Susperia – Unlimited Review

Originally written by Drew Ailes What the fuck happened here? Last I knew, Susperia was just a melodic death/black metal band featuring Dimmu Borgir’s old drummer, Tjodalv, and former Old Man’s Child member, Memnock. It seems now they’ve actually transformed

Dismember – Where Ironcrosses Grow Review

Originally written by Alex de Moller. Dismember were never paid to make music. They were paid to make people FIGHT. So get out your knuckledusters you maggots and get ready for some good, friendly violent fun: Because Dismember have torn into

Crowpath – Old Cuts and Blunt Knives Review

Originally written by Dan Staige. Are you a happy-go-lucky type person? Do you like whistling melodies on the way to work and back? If you are, look no further than Swedish “melo-death”. Also, look somewhere

All That Remains – This Darkened Heart Review

Originally written by Drew Ailes Well, here it is. The day in which my belief that metalcore could possibly be taken seriously by metalheads everywhere. It’s finally here. I almost want to apologize to the

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