Anal Vomit – Demoniac Flagellations

Originally written by Drew Ailes Alright, Anal Vomit. What’s the deal? You’ve got Latin song titles, an extremely simple gore-grind name, but you play stripped-down death/thrash? Oh wait, here it is: Anal Vomit play “bestial alcoholic Peruvian old

Cynic – Focus (Remastered) Review

Originally written by Justin Bean. Maybe you’ve heard of Cynic, maybe you haven’t. Regardless, I can almost guarantee you’ve heard a band or two that has drawn on Cynic’s unique, seminal approach to extreme music which effortlessly blended

Marduk – Plague Angel Review

Originally written by Drew Ailes With the return of Magnus Devo on bass and the recent addition of new vocalist Mortuus (known as Arioch for his work in Funeral Mist andTriumphator), Marduk churn out another mind-numbingly fast album of

Fission – Crater Review

Originally written by Erik Thomas Honestly, what would you expect a project formed by Vintersorg drummer Benny Hägglund (who also plays guitars and bass for this outfit) and aided by Vintersorg (vocals, FX-AKA Andreas Hedlund)

Derek Sherinian – Mythology Review

Well, well, well. All this time I thought Derek Sherinian was just a former Dream Theater keyboardist continuing to make music after his firing prior to the band recording Scenes from a Memory. Little did

Misery Index – Dissent Review

Originally written by Justin Bean. Misery Index occupies a rather unique position within the spectrum of extreme music, drawing instrumentally on the speed and ferocity of grind and crust a la Assuck, His Hero Is Gone, and Napalm Death while

Krisiun – Bloodshed Review

Originally written by Ramar Pittance A band like Krisiun is a wet dream for the romantic death metal fan. While clearly talented, and at times ambitious, this Brazilian threesome has always been the working man’s

Rotting Christ – Sanctus Diavolos Review

Originally written by Ryan Plunkett It’s amazing how long Rotting Christ has been around and is still able to release some top-tier black metal. I thoroughly enjoyed their last album, Genesis, so I was eager

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