Root – Madness Of The Graves Review

Originally written by Ian Dreilinger. There’s quite a fine line between progressing to a more streamlined style of music and simply digressing. The first can be good or bad, the second is just about always

V:28 – NonAnthropogenic Review

Originally written by Erik Thomas It would be easy to say V:28 sound like Enslaved because of Grutle Kjellson’s guest appearance, but the truth of the matter is that V:28 do sound like Enslaved’s latter

Place Of Skulls – With Vision Review

I have a ritual that I usually follow when I am hitting a record for review. I will listen to it in my car, with my big fun stereo with lots of bass and everything.

God Forbid – Better Days Review

Originally written by Tim Pigeon While I appreciate the gesture made by the boys of God Forbid and the label brass at Century Media, I’d much prefer to just have the new full-length, and not

Abominator – Nuctemeron Descent Review

Originally written by Erik Thomas Do we really need this? Blackened/Death Metal (which Osmose seem to have a strangle hold on) from down under. This is by no means as bad as Bestial Mockery, cos

Impaled Nazarene – All That You Fear Review

Originally written by Erik Thomas I’m ashamed to say that after 13 years and eight albums, this is my first experience with Finland’s (if not Europe’s) black metal elder statesman, well at least you won’t

Burzum – Hlidskjalf Review

Originally written by Ryan Plunkett All right, here we go… my third review of an album with no singing what so ever. In addition, once again, it is from the one and only Burzum. Hlidskjalf

Burzum – Dauði Baldrs Review

Originally written by Ryan Plunkett Here we have Burzum, the one man project of the infamous Varg Vikernes. Progressing from the grimness of black metal into the neo-classical realm, Burzum explores the keyboard-laden sounds in

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