Nasum – Shift Review

Originally written by Drew Ailes Although easily one of the bigger labels around, Relapse consistently releases quality album after quality album. I’d love to talk shit about Relapse, I really would, but I just can’t.

Vader – The Beast Review

Originally written by Tim Pigeon “VAAAAAADERRRRR! \m/” If I had my way, I’d just write that line and pass it in for a D . But, we have higher standards here, and that would be

Nightwish – Once Review

Originally written by Tim Pigeon After many months of hearing about how this album was tearing up the charts in Europe, North America will finally be greeted with Nightwish’s latest work Once thanks to a

Astarte – Sirens Review

Astarte is three really hot chicks plus what seems to be some session dude on drums. There, I got it out of the way. Now on with the review! Astarte play black metal in that

Dead To Fall – Villainy & Virtue Review

Originally written by Ramar Pittance Expectations are a bitch, my friend. Kept too low and you end up praising albums only possessing the positive attribute of not being as mediocre as you expected. Held too

Grave – Fiendish Regression Review

Originally written by Gregory Bradley. Old-skool death metal is so goddamn entertaining. Legendary death metallers Grave continue their epic catalog with their latest sacrificial offering, Fiendish Regression. Now when I was an inexperienced and hotheaded youth, death metal

Shadows Fall – The War Within Review

Originally written by Andy Smyth It is hard to believe that it has been about a year since a revived Headbanger’s Ball brought metal to the masses with their tour of said name. Nu-metal has

Cradle Of Filth – Nymphetamine Review

Originally written by Ramar Pittance Cradle of Filth, Nymphetamine: Lets skip the foreplay and get right into this review. We all know Cradle isn’t a black metal band today, nor were they really ever beyond their

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