The Wakedead Gathering – The Gate And The Key Review

Coming off of a very strong Dark Circles EP in 2012, Cincinnati one-man death project The Wakedead Gathering seemed poised to turn some OSDM heads. Doer-of-all-things Andrew Lampe has a certain knack for melding several

Urna – Mors Principium Est Review

The Italian label/musical collective ATMF (that’s Aeternitas Tenebrarum Musicae Fundamentum, if you’re nasty) might be putting out some of the most criminally underappreciated (mostly) black metal in today’s metal underground. The average trench-digging metalhead is

Disiplin – Radikale Randgruppe Review

What the hell happened to Disiplin? Back in the early to mid-2000s, they stood out as perhaps the least industrial-tinged of the entire Moonfog roster, earning their keep as a workmanlike, black-and-roll outfit in the

Svarti Loghin – Drifting Through The Void Review

Originally written by Jordan Campbell I’ll be the first to admit that I don’t fully understand the roots of the post-rock and neo-folk influences that are slowly creeping their way into black metal. Yeah, it’s

An Autumn For Crippled Children – Lost Review

There appears to be a full-swing trend within several metal styles that sees bands focusing as much on mood as they do on fury, virtuosity, or the complexity of their arrangements. Sometimes that mood is

Sanctus Nex – Aurelia Review

originally written by Jim Brandon The UK’s Sanctus Nex is a crafty musical serpent, for its adequacy is a bit distracting when trying to pinpoint just what does and doesn’t click on Aurelia. It’s a

Arcana Coelestia – Le Mirage De L’idéal Review

Before I get into the details of this gem, indulge me… Imagine standing in one of the world’s most spacious and majestic cathedrals. Every sound you make, from your softest steps to the slightest murmur,

Svarti Loghin – Empty World Review

originally written by Chris McDonald Ultra bleak, depressing black metal is becoming peculiarly popular these days, as evidenced by the rise in prominence of bands like Xasthur and the steady stream of pale and frail