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Logic of Denial – Aftermath Review

Originally written by Chris Redar Logic of Denial plays really, really fast brutal technical death metal in the vein of AngelCorpse and Hate Eternal, though not in any memorable fashion. In fact, Aftermath is about

Condemned- His Divine Shadow Review

Originally written by Chris Redar From Condemned’s metal archives page: Not to be confused with: Condemned from Houston, Texas Condemned from Seattle, Washington Condemned from New Jersey A cursory search of the band also reveals

Prostitute Disfigurement – From Crotch To Crown Review

Originally written by Ian Chainey Prostitute Disfigurement is a recently-resurrected brutal death metal band releasing its fifth album, From Crotch to Crown, on Willowtip. And, really, that’s enough data to formulate your best guess regarding

Cryptopsy – Cryptopsy Review

Originally written by Matt Longo When I began work as Metal Director at WRUV in 2005, I was reintroducing myself to the genre I fell in love with, and had much ground to cover. Another

Dying Fetus – Reign Supreme Review

Before I signed up to review this new Dying Fetus record, I was tangentially party to a conversation between my fellow MetalReview staffers Doug Moore and Dan “Dr. Obstapus” Obstkrieg wherein this pair of irrepressible

Kraanium – Post Mortal Coital Fixation Review

originally written by Chris McDonald “Sometimes, people that are mentally challenged, and have a history of sexual abuse… mutilate their own sexual organs.” I don’t get the opportunity to write about slam-heavy brutal death metal

Pathology – Awaken To The Suffering Review

Originally written by Erik Thomas So here is the fifth album from The Locust / Cattle Decapitation drummer Dave Astor’s brutal death metal project, and he’s got yet another line up. This time vocalist Jon Huber

Gorgasm – Orgy Of Murder Review

Originally written by Erik Thomas After an 8-year lay-off, Indiana’s Gorgasm are back (well, one member is) with the long-awaited follow-up to Masticate to Dominate, an album that, to many brutal death metal fans, is