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The Wounded Kings – Consolamentum Review

Not too long ago, you couldn’t huck a rock without hitting a drifty, smoky, fuzzy doom band directly in the marbles. Slow-bangers with stretched tunes steeped in bongwater were getting continuous front-page action, and folks

Shores Of Null – Quiescence Review

With countless young bands mining the bare-bones thrash, black, and death metal realms with little-to-no notoriety due to so much saturation (or a case of suck), it’s refreshing to hear a new group putting their

Pestilence – Obsideo Review

Originally written by Matt Longo The album begins with a deep ominous heartbeat that leads to desperately grasping air before we hear a monitor flatline. Sounds cliché, yeah? Well it could be, but this is

Ihsahn – Das Seelenbrechen Review

2012’s Eremita did a fine job of pushing the experimental envelope that Ihsahn so dearly loves to push, but Das Seelenbrechen bulldozes the poor bugger down an escalator and lords over it with a pointed

Demon Lung – The Hundredth Name Review

Originally written by Matt Longo For better or worse, Las Vegas stands as testament to the indomitability of the human drive to create, even in the face of impossible odds — and this remains today,

Corrosion Of Conformity – Eye For An Eye (Reissue) Review

In 1984, North Carolina’s Corrosion Of Conformity was a three-year-old band with a long way to go. There was still a whole half-decade before Peeper Keenan would come along, his arrival coinciding with the shift

The Devil – The Devil Review

Originally written by Matt Longo We in metal circles sure dig Old Scratch. He’s clawed his way into our imagery, themes, and often, band names. His own moniker mutates, and everything from Mephistopheles to Satan

Anaal Nathrakh – Vanitas Review

Originally written by Jordan Campbell Scenario: You’re the most extreme heavy metal band on the planet. You’ve spent roughly ten years in a perpetual state of berserk assault, attacking listeners from nearly every angle. Your