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Winterfylleth – The Threnody Of Triumph Review

Winterfylleth is a bit like a threesome: It looks awesome on paper, but in practice, someone ends up mostly sitting on the sidelines, feeling a little left out and fantasizing about slipping out to grab a

Reverence – The Asthenic Ascension Review

Originally written by Jordan Campbell France’s Reverence, like many industrialized black metal acts, has premeptively corner-painted themselves with their chosen style. While the concept of black metal infused with industrial elements has always been intriguing

Khors – Wisdom Of Centuries Review

Originally written by Matt Longo Just as my last review for Ereb Altor mentioned Bathory reverence above all else throughout their work, the latest from the Ukranian Khors reflects Nokturnal Mortem, a band 10 years

Rumpelstiltskin – Grinder Ghostmaker Review

Originally written by Jordan Campbell It’d be easy to dismiss a band like Rumpelstiltskin Grinder. Their lackluster debut record, Buried in the Front Yard, didn’t do much to lend credibility to these absurdly-monikered Pennsylvanians. Plus,

The Wretched End – Inroads Review

Originally written by Jordan Campbell To the dismay of those that don’t boast an affinity for professional wrestling storylines from the early 90’s, I’ve often stated that Samoth is the Marty Jannetty to Ihsahn’s Shawn

Ihsahn – Eremita Review

Art moves, or it dies. While never fully escaping the shadow of history, while always subject to what Harold Bloom called the withering ‘anxiety of influence’, art is an ellipsis, not a period. Art cannot

Fear Factory – The Industrialist Review

Originally written by Matt Longo How much of an introduction does Fear Factory need? Not only are they cemented in the memory of the old guard as touchstones of the Industrial Metal genre (if not

Wodensthrone – Curse Review

originally written by Chris McDonald Wodensthrone‘s Loss was the definition of a breakthrough debut. There was nothing formative or primordial about it — this was the sound of a band fully prepared to make a