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Rae Amitay’s Best Of 2012: Here’s A Clever Title

2012 didn’t bring about the apocalypse, but it was still a tempestuous collection of days. Still raw from the loss of David Gold and my future in Woods of Ypres, I spent the first few

Converge – All We Love We Leave Behind Review

One of the drawbacks of being a venerated institution in extreme music is that you can never just quite write a damn album and leave it at that, y’know? Find some riffs hanging around, kick

Converge – Axe To Fall Review

Originally written by Doug Moore. If any one band can justifiably be deemed the ‘leader’ of international metalcore, that band is Converge. On the verge of their third decade of existence, these Masshole madmen have played

00s Essentials – Volume Three

Volume 3 is all over the map; but from madness comes brilliance. This third edition of the 100 Essential Albums of the Decade is chock-full of surprises, apexes, and kinetic energy. VADER – LITANY THUD! THUD!

Converge – Petitioning The Empty Sky (Reissue) Review

Originally written by Ramar Pittance My introduction to Converge came pretty late in my evolution as a metal fan via a former roommate and current friend. There were two albums in his car’s CD changer

Converge – When Forever Comes Crashing (Reissue) Review

Originally written by Nin Chan This is going to be a hard review for me to write, largely because Converge is a band that has meant very much to me over the past few years.

Converge – You Fail Me Review

Originally written by Erik Thomas Before my various writing gigs, for many years I sat as a neutral observer to the metal scene, and to me, within the vast annals of the more extreme side