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Staff Infections – August 2020

Welcome to another edition of Staff Infections, friends. Unfortunately, it’s still 2020, and 2020 is still piling on the bullshit. If an ongoing global pandemic wasn’t enough to deal with, there was a recent devastating

Last Rites Cover Art Tournament: The Execrable Eight

Giants have fallen. With the round of eight — the Execrable Eight — if you will, giants have fallen. Three of the original four top seeds do not survive to advance to the Fatal Four,

80s Essentials – Volume Three

Welcome to the third installment of The 100 Most Essential Albums of the 80s. If you need to catch up, you can do so here. As was hinted, this week’s crop of essentials is a

Death – Spiritual Healing (Reissue) Review

Relapse’s exhaustive re-issues of the Death catalog continues with this three-disc version of 1990’s Spiritual Healing. So far, these sets have been textbook examples of how to properly re-issue iconic records, with each new version

A Devil’s Dozen – Death

In the history of death metal, few bands, if any, loom larger than Death. “Evil” Chuck Schuldiner and his ever-changing cast of collaborators played an integral role in both forming the genre’s conventions and expanding

Mantas – Death By Metal Review

Behold the birth of Death… In 1984, future Death-mates Chuck Schuldiner, Kam Lee and Rick Rozz released the five-song Death By Metal demo under their original name of Mantas. Now, nearly thirty years later, Relapse

Death – Vivus! Review

Raise your hand if you’ve ever been sittin’ ‘round the old turntable with some scraggly buds of yours and someone said something to this effect: “Fuck I wish I’d have been around when <INSERT DEFUNCT BAND

Death – Individual Thought Patterns (Reissue) Review

In its unenviable position sandwiched between the dueling masterpieces of one of the single most important bands in metal history, Individual Thought Patterns tends to get the short end of the proverbial stick. Thought Patterns